Thursday, September 3, 2015

Thank The Lord For The Night Time

I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day.
 ~Vincent Van Gogh

Bob Wiley once stated, "There are two types of people in this world, those who like Neil Diamond and those who don't." Let me just say for my money it does not get any better than the Jazz Singer himself. Yep, "Thank the Lord For the Night Time." Bringing this full circle, on a recommendation from a friend I picked up a fairly priced light for my mountain bike. After multiple times of skirting death by riding down a mountain in the dark, I knew that my almost 40 year old self could spring for a light. Amazon does not disappoint, so upon arrival I was set on giving it a go. 

After my PM invitation to ride was declined by my amigos due to prior commitments, I headed up the mountain by myself. Once at the trail head I hooked up my light and turned on the Ryan Adam's Gold album and started pedaling at dusk. As my light flooded the trail, two thoughts came to mind.

1)     “Man this is peaceful”


2)     “I should have a healthier respect for apex predators who live in the mountains”

As I illuminated the night with my super cool light (no intention of rhyming) I became slightly overwhelmed by the beauty of the world in darkness. I have done this ride at least 20 or 30 times in the day but this time was different.  The shroud of night completely changed the dynamic of the entire ride and really made me think of how peaceful being alone in the dark really is. The nighttime sang its song as I cast shadows up the trail, disrupting an owl, being buzzed by numerous bats, and contemplating how Ryan Adams could have written such a good record start to finish (alien Technology, or the lost secrets of the Mayan’s being the only logical explanation). Upon reaching the top and seeing the stars, I felt an indescribable peace and fulfillment.

Roughly half of our 24 hour day is shrouded in darkness and when the sun goes down we tend to go inside. I blame this on evolution's, “let’s not become dinner for a saber toothed tiger gene.”  With this healthy fear passed down from our caveman brethren. We shut the door on the night. With so much noise and action in our everyday lives there is a solitude that only the night can deliver. If it has been a few since you stepped out into the void, I highly recommend it. The initial fear of the dark is healthy, but remember it is based around being unfamiliar with a new environment.  As a challenge to the “ F”  word nation, take a walk this week in the dark or sit out in your back yard and check out the stars.  Take the time when silence prevails to hash out or relish on whatever is floating around in your mind. Most importantly, if you do happen to get eaten on your night stroll by an apex predator your kids will have bragging rights on parental demise forever! 

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