Friday, June 26, 2015

Regret and the Re-Branding of 5 AM

Dawn Patrol

"You can always make more money, but you cannot make more time"

20 years ago I was rich with time, I mean like Scrooge McDuck rich doing the back stroke in a pile of money. Today I find myself like a beggar on the side of the road (not the dirty hippie kind with an iphone and dreads, but rail car hobo style) with my hand out and sign saying, "time needed anything will help".  The loss of me-time is a natural progression that as unavoidable as a middle age plague. Life happens and the proverbial time battery is sucked dry by everyday demands leaving us feeling a bit empty at times. This formula creates the statements that all of us justifying the F word have uttered at one time or another.

"I used to love to do (fill in the blank)"

"I would love to do (fill in the blank) but I have no idea when I could  find the time to do it"

Each of us has dreams, hobbies, and ambitions that somehow-somewhere were lost along the path of work, family, and everything else along the way. These "things" that once defined who we are and frankly made us more interesting people seemed to get torched in the Viking funeral pyre of adulthood. Bummer right? Just so I am not misunderstood, I am not advocating that we should pawn our offspring on the black market, leave our employment, and relish in our own schmug international views and collection of REI dividend points. What I am saying is there is middle ground, and once you find it, it needs to be fought for like a WWI no-mans-land.

Any who-de-who, this leads me to me to my point. We should not look at our lives like the disappoint we feel after watching any Adam Sandler movie past Happy Gilmore, or accidentally listening to a Nickle Back song (If you have children I can only pray they where not in the room when any of these offenses occurred). Regret is a feeling that is self inflicted by our choosing, so I am choosing to avoid it like a long check out line at Costco. But there is not time you say? I have discovered a secret that may have been lost when Rome fell or may been buried with the last of the Pharaohs. This secret is called 5 AM, and yes I to thought this hour was purely fictitious. Something that may have been lost in translation, or hidden with the treasures of the Knights Templar. As a younger man I tried once to find it and it burned so bad, I conceded the fact that somethings are best left undiscovered and like Icarus if I flew to close I would melt my paraffin wings.

After allowing enough time to pass, I was given the gate key to the maze to find the Minotaur that was guarding all the things I once loved to do. The key to slay this monster and allow myself to find the secrets of the ancients was given to me in the form of riddled advise bestowed upon me at an age to young to truly appreciate it. Wait for it....... Hold.... Hold.... Here it is....

"You can do anything you want at 5 AM" 

So here is where the re-branding comes in; if you just wake up to wake up at 5 AM you may as well put a soldering iron in your eye, but if its done with the intent to do what you love then it sucks just a little less. The gratification felt by rediscovering my hobbies and not taking time away from my family has been life changing. Like Yoda's advice, "do or do not, there is no try." Complain, or Enjoy...... Each of us can decide, "do I sacrifice a bit to live a fuller life or do I let my soul slowly die in a 9-5 Groundhog Day type life?" So do it! You are used to sacrificing yourself for everyone else in your life, why not sacrifice a bit of sleep for yourself. Take the time, rediscover your passions, and let it ride...... Oh, and the answer is I am tired, but its worth it.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Fathers Day And The Creation Of A Minion Army

A very Hap-Happy Fathers Day to you all. May I take this time to reflect? Ok, so here it comes.... As I rounded the corner to 30 and having been in a legally recognized cohabitation for over 5 years, the question on whether or not we would spawn kept coming up. Now as the questions as to my state of societal duplication plus one were poised, I had one tought that kept coming to mind. Is being a parent that great, or is everyone trying to trick me into sharing in their misery? Was this all a grand ploy to increase world wide suffering?

So living in Las Vegas at the time, I decided to roll the dice and see what this whole creation thing was all about. Being that the wife and I had passed some years packed with entertainment like a hoarders storage unit, the time felt right (some quality couch time on a Friday night was looking rather fulfilling). We jumped in and had our first kiddo.

As I held my daughter in my arms for the first time I realized how insignificant all my "logical" concerns were. So here I sit now with three demon spawn in tow, and pleased as punch about my situation. Seeing how I have a small army at my command, it is amazing to see each of their personalities as well as having an opportunity to help shape them like a fine surf board.

As our minions grow into their own and even consider us lame. They forget that they and their self proclaimed coolness is the reflection of our personalities (not the love of Taylor Swift or shopping in the glitter worm hole of Justice). So drink in parenthood because it always goes down smooth. The justification of the F word mixed with a sprinkling of parenthood at this time in my life is the Bee's Knees.

Happy Fathers Day....

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Manifesto

Welcome like minded souls to my inaugural blog post. You may have noticed the title of this blog and even thought to yourself, "self is it safe to be here?" I say yes, and let me embrace you with a warm hug, for you have found a sanctuary. What is meant by "Justifying the F Word" has no D-I-R-T-Y  nor sexual connotation, but rather a forum or a virtual UN refugee camp for those of us at-past-or knocking on the door for F@#RTY! Forty that is, there I said it.......

As a society why should we celebrate an adolescence that longs for a life of skinny jeans (its ok for the ladies, not so much for the dudes) and abbreviate words on text messages. We are the cool ones here with the life experience to know that gauging your ears leads to permanent damage and kids wearing Misfits T-Shirts from Hot Tropic are a bunch of posers (Danzig is clearly a better band). Why should we let an age range of 16-26 be put on a pedestal, why should getting older be seen as a bullet train to lameness? I say we all give the proverbial middle finger to Ecosmith's song "I Wish That I Could Be Like The Cool Kids" and declare we are the cool kids!

This blog is a work in progress, but I intend it to be the best PR job ever created for those of us who happen (by no fault of our own) to be at-past-or right around the corner from F@#TY. Please follow this blog, pass it around, and share what you have done to Justify The F Word!