Saturday, April 23, 2016

Be Savvy With Your Liquid.......

I love ice, almost to the point that a drink is not worth drinking if it’s above 38 degrees (that’s 3.33 degrees Celsius for those of you still using the antiquated metric system). The struggle for me has been real! Not only did I spend 2 years in South America consuming lukewarm Coke, but the ice maker on my freezer has a love hate relationship with me. The pure fact that ice does not enjoy staying in its solid phase of matter has all the more increased my personal beverage misery. Being that I am not one to settle, I set on a quest. Like an explorer of old searching for Eldorado, I set out on a quest to keep ice in a water bottle throughout the day.

As I started my journey, I heard rumblings that such a water bottle existed. My only fear is that overtime facts become stories, stories become myths, and myths become legends that become too good to be true. I mustered my faith, and sat down in front of the great oracle Amazon. The scene played out much like moment in “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.” As I scoured over my possible selections the line, “you must choose wisely” kept playing over and over in my head.  I may be slightly over dramatic in recounting this tale, but when parting with my coin I like to know I am getting what I am looking for. So I had it narrowed down to a few when I found this gem recommended to me by a fellow Justifier of the F Word . Not only was this member of our middle aged tribe enjoying hours of near freezing hydration, he and his wife decided to start their own company with said goal in mind.

The selling point you ask? First and foremost the ability to keep ice! I drive around all day for work and really wanted to be able to keep cold water in my vehicle. The double walled metal bottles were rated to hold ice all day! This realization moved me to my core and made me question what kind of devil magic is infused within this carrier of hydration delight. What truly sold me above all others on the Liquid Savvy Bottle?  Here’s the answer…. Wait for it…… It comes with three different lids and has one of the best price points out there. Three lids you may ask? Why is that important you ask? I happen to have three little people that have infiltrated my house and excel at the destruction of my personal property. I have had numerous water bottles that they chewed through the cap, dropped, or lost a crucial component leaving the bottle worthless. That is why I was all over buying the Liquid Savvy bottle (3 lids at no extra charge… count me in.)

After senior Amazon prime showed up my door, I went to work seeing if it was everything it promised and I hoped it would be. My review you ask? Let’s add some earth science for perspective. If the last ice age occurred roughly 100,000 years ago during the Quaternary (part of the Pleistocene geologic period) I have one going on currently inside my Liquid Savvy bottle. That’s right, if we basically sealed the earth in the same material as this bottle is made of I would not have had to say adios to my ski season this past weekend.

Moral of the story, I have found being an F’er I get great joy out of the simple pleasures in life. Ice being in my water bottle 4 hours puts a smile on my face and almost makes up for the years of consuming beverages at room temperature. I know there are a lot of choices out there, but hook up the folks at Liquid Savvy. By purchasing one of these bottles you will no longer be part of the tepid drink problem, you will be part of the solution. Not only do the fine folks at Liquid Savvy “Justify the F Word,” but they have us one step closer to ending the global travesty that is the “lukewarm sip”. 

Oh, almost forgot…. If you want to keep you drink as piping hot as a pyroclastic cloud rolling off of Mount Vesuvius (ask the folks at Pompeii) it will do that as well. Stay classy and stay hydrated! The fine folks at Liquid Savvy have been so kind to offer a $5.00 off discount code to the F word nation through Amazon. So if you decide to pull the trigger put in “thefword” (leave out the quotes) in the discount box at checkout time. Buy a bottle and enjoy the goodness of ice, and support the fellow F’ers at Liquid Savvy!

Link to the 32oz bottle…..

Link to the 18oz bottle…..

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