Thursday, January 13, 2022

Resistance And The Fact Hard Things Really Never Get Any Easier

 So, staring at this kettle bell earlier this week I realized this will never get any easier. At the moment this came to mind,  I took into account that the point of all of this is not the path of least resistance rather a pathway of growth. Sure the workout I did was borderline misery, but did I feel accomplished after the fact? Absolutely!  

    This last year I have really tried to break the paradigm shift of realizing if something sucks I am most likely becoming better for it not just suffering. For example, take the stairs, yes it sucks but its great for your health. Read a book, not as easy as picking up your phone but more rewarding. Or, as the picture indicates..... Grab the kettle bell, sure it really blows but you will be stronger for it! 


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