Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Manifesto

Welcome like minded souls to my inaugural blog post. You may have noticed the title of this blog and even thought to yourself, "self is it safe to be here?" I say yes, and let me embrace you with a warm hug, for you have found a sanctuary. What is meant by "Justifying the F Word" has no D-I-R-T-Y  nor sexual connotation, but rather a forum or a virtual UN refugee camp for those of us at-past-or knocking on the door for F@#RTY! Forty that is, there I said it.......

As a society why should we celebrate an adolescence that longs for a life of skinny jeans (its ok for the ladies, not so much for the dudes) and abbreviate words on text messages. We are the cool ones here with the life experience to know that gauging your ears leads to permanent damage and kids wearing Misfits T-Shirts from Hot Tropic are a bunch of posers (Danzig is clearly a better band). Why should we let an age range of 16-26 be put on a pedestal, why should getting older be seen as a bullet train to lameness? I say we all give the proverbial middle finger to Ecosmith's song "I Wish That I Could Be Like The Cool Kids" and declare we are the cool kids!

This blog is a work in progress, but I intend it to be the best PR job ever created for those of us who happen (by no fault of our own) to be at-past-or right around the corner from F@#TY. Please follow this blog, pass it around, and share what you have done to Justify The F Word!