Sunday, June 21, 2015

Fathers Day And The Creation Of A Minion Army

A very Hap-Happy Fathers Day to you all. May I take this time to reflect? Ok, so here it comes.... As I rounded the corner to 30 and having been in a legally recognized cohabitation for over 5 years, the question on whether or not we would spawn kept coming up. Now as the questions as to my state of societal duplication plus one were poised, I had one tought that kept coming to mind. Is being a parent that great, or is everyone trying to trick me into sharing in their misery? Was this all a grand ploy to increase world wide suffering?

So living in Las Vegas at the time, I decided to roll the dice and see what this whole creation thing was all about. Being that the wife and I had passed some years packed with entertainment like a hoarders storage unit, the time felt right (some quality couch time on a Friday night was looking rather fulfilling). We jumped in and had our first kiddo.

As I held my daughter in my arms for the first time I realized how insignificant all my "logical" concerns were. So here I sit now with three demon spawn in tow, and pleased as punch about my situation. Seeing how I have a small army at my command, it is amazing to see each of their personalities as well as having an opportunity to help shape them like a fine surf board.

As our minions grow into their own and even consider us lame. They forget that they and their self proclaimed coolness is the reflection of our personalities (not the love of Taylor Swift or shopping in the glitter worm hole of Justice). So drink in parenthood because it always goes down smooth. The justification of the F word mixed with a sprinkling of parenthood at this time in my life is the Bee's Knees.

Happy Fathers Day....


  1. Kara and I (this is Jordan by the way:) ) had children quite late in life, at least for Utah standards. I turned 30 shortly after Sunday was born. I too thought I had gotten 100% comfortable in my life and didn't need or want children. Well, Sunday came crashing in and flipped my shiz upside down. As many know, I have a less than savory past and the light that Sunday brought into my heart saved our family and literally saved my life. She hasn't been "easy" to raise so far, but I cannot imagine going through life without her. Thanks for the post QB1!

  2. Indeed it is great. An incredible amount of pressure and constantly failing at it to learn how to do it better. But great nonetheless. Thanks for the perspective today. I needed it.

  3. In the words of your muse, Jerry Garcia "what a long, strange trip it's been". Parenting. There is nothing so crazy hard and insane, yet so fulfilling at the same time.